How to B2B a CEO (with Ashu Garg)
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How to B2B a CEO is the show about how to scale your enterprise startup and how to grow from founder to CEO. Hosted by Ashu Garg, general partner at Foundation Capital.

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    Mohit Aron - CEO and founder, Cohesity

    On this episode, Ashu interviews Mohit Aron, founder and CEO of Cohesity, and before that, a cofounder of Nutanix. Mohit lays out his framework for how to evaluate whether your startup will be successful before you’ve ever written the first line of code. He also explains his unique definition of product-market fit. Finally, Mohit shares his algorithm for hiring non-technical people and executive hiring.

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    Burton Goldfield - CEO, TriNet

    On this episode, Ashu is joined by Burton Goldfield, CEO of TriNet. Burton revisits his long and storied career in enterprise software, including his first time out as CEO. He also shares with Ashu his insights on hiring the right people for a company's current lifecycle and on building a culture focussed on impact.

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    Part 2: Aaron Levie — CEO and Co-Founder, Box

    Part Two of Ashu’s conversation with Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-Founder of Box. In this episode, Aaron talks about how to make critical hires, the importance of culture, and what he appreciates about being a public company.

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    Part 1: Aaron Levie — CEO and Co-Founder, Box

    This is the first half of a special two-part conversation with Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-Founder of file-storage company Box. In this installment, Ashu chats with Aaron about founding the company when he was still in college, the challenges of fundraising, and pivoting Box from a consumer to an enterprise company.

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    Eric Yuan - CEO & Founder at Zoom

    The best tech company to work for in 2019, according to Glassdoor's annual Employees’ Choice Awards, is Zoom, which offers video communications to businesses. On this episode, Ashu speaks with Zoom’s CEO and founder, Eric Yuan, about how he built a company that people are so happy to work for.

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    Frederic Laluyaux - President & CEO of Aera Technology

    Frederic Laluyaux, President and CEO of Aera Technology and serial entrepreneur, talks to Ashu about how he went from a failed startup built in his garage in France to scaling billion dollar public companies.

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    Doug Knopper - Co-Founder & Former Co-CEO of FreeWheel

    Doug Knopper, co-founder and former co-CEO of FreeWheel, talks to Ashu about how to hire and develop talent. Doug also discusses his new project, CEOhacker, which helps young founders, especially women and people of color, become leaders of companies.

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